The main ideology of Safarali Bey Valibayov's pedagogical activity


  • Pashayeva Tarana Shamistan PhD Student, Institute of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan


Safarali Bey Valibayov is one of the outstanding figures of the 19th century Azerbaijani pedagogical history, he spent eighteen years of his life in pedagogical work.The life of the seminary and the educational system there had a positive effect on the spiritual development of Safarali Bey Valibayov, like other seminarians. Starting from the first days of education, the future teacher shows himself as a capable and business-like young man, thoroughly mastering teaching subjects, reading examples of world literature, studying the science of pedagogy.During this period, he trained dozens of talented young people who worked actively in various fields of science, education, literature and art, as well as in social and political affairs, and served the Motherland and the people with honor.





Pedagogical Sciences