Special parts of speech in Turkish languages


  • Susan Fahraddin girl Huseynova Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Teacher Faculty of Philology


Turkic languages, special part of speech, modal words, exclamation, imitation words


In order to create a perfect and shared grammar of all Turkic languages, as in all language levels, there is a need for a thorough investigation of special parts of speech, and this issue is one of the most important problems facing the science of Turkology. Although these issues are approached in Turkology from certain angles, there is still a lot of work to be done. Comparative study of modal words, imitative words and interjections in Turkology is one of the most relevant issues in this direction. Demirchizade, M. Huseynzade, A. Abdullayev, Z. Alizaden, Y. Seyidov, G. Kazimov, B. Khalilov, M. Adilov, A. Aslanov, C. Efendiyev, Sh. The services of Saribayev, M. Shiraliyev, J. Jafarov, H. Mirzazade, N. Dimitriyev and others deserve special appreciation. In Turkology, the principles of classification of parts of speech, as well as the division of parts of speech based on these principles, continue to be controversial and contradictory. Thus, some Turkologists (N. Kononov, N. Mammadov, J. Jafarov, etc.) group the parts of speech into "main" and "auxiliary" parts, which is not justified. Others (T. Makarov, J. Malov, M. Huseynzade, F. Zeynalov, M. Adilov, A. Akhundov, A. Aslanov, K. Hajiyev, G. Kazimov, B. Khalilov) call parts of speech "main", " auxiliary" and "special parts of speech" - divided into 3 large groups, which seem reasonable from a scientific point of view in Turkology.



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