Research of sedimentary facies according to the well logging methods


  • Bayramova Ilhama Ilham Phd student, laboratory assistant, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University


geophysical methods, litofacies, sedimentary, facies analysis, well logging


The lithological facies characteristics and genesis of reservoirs associated with hydrocarbon rocks have not been fully studied. It is one of the most important issues to research these features in more detail with well geophysical data, to comprehensively investigate them, to conduct basic and more detailed studies on the conditions of formation of Productive Layer sediments and the rsearch of the lithology of these sediments.

In industry, oil and gas fields are related to fields with a large amount of residual hydrocarbon reserves that can be potentially extracted despite being at the final stage of development. Most of the recently discovered hydrocarbon deposits are associated with terrigenous sediments. Therefore, the successful opening of new exploitation fields depends on the determination of the genesis of terrigenous formations. By studying the conditions of sediment accumulation in the terrigenous layer, we can predict the regularity of the distribution of sand bodies, determine their morphology and the development regularities of porous and permeable layers.



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