Azərbaycan dramaturgiyasının nəhəngi


  • Şəfəq Faiq qızı Əzizova ADPU-nun nəzdində Azərbaycan Dövlət Pedaqoji Kolleci “Azərbaycan dili və ədəbiyyat” fənn birləşmə komissiyası


Mirza Fatali Akhundov, dramaturgy, materialism, realistic artistic prose


Akhundov, who created the first examples of dramaturgy, realistic artistic prose, and literary criticism in our literary history, also developed the theoretical and aesthetic principles of those genres. In the entire literary and theoretical legacy of the great thinker, the most important criterion is the degree to which art and literature reflect real life, their cognitive and educational importance, and their direct connection with people's life. Becoming cultured through science and education, being able to protect the scientific and literary heritage belonging to the people, fighting mercilessly against everything that hinders progress have always been the issues that Mirza Fatali constantly thinks about and cares about. That is why he considered changing the alphabet one of the most important factors on this path.



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